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2018 WV Legislature Extends $125 Fee to All Licensed Physicians Through 2021


To fund the Patient Injury Compensation Fund (PCIF), the West Virginia Legislature requires the Board to collect a biennial assessment from every physician licensed by the Board.  The assessment is required to be collected as part of licensure renewal beginning July 1, 2016, for licenses issued or renewed through December 31, 2021.

In order to satisfy the outstanding liability of the PICF, SB 602 creates an assessment on physicians, hospitals and trial lawyers who settle malpractice claims.  According to the new law, physicians must be assessed an additional $125 for licenses issued or renewed for each of the next two renewal cycles.  A physician cannot be granted an initial license or renewal of an existing license by the licensing board if the assessment has not been paid.  Additionally, a license which expires as a result of a failure to pay the required assessment cannot be reinstated until the assessment has been paid in full.

Those physicians exempted from the assessment include:

            1)         A resident physician who is a graduate of an osteopathic medical school

                        and who is participating in an accredited full-time program of post-

                        graduate medical education in this state;

            2)         A physician on active duty in the U.S. armed forces and who would not

                        be reimbursed by the armed forces for the assessment;

            3)         A physician who practices solely under a special volunteer license;

            4)         A physician who practices less than 40 hours a year providing medical

                        genetic services to patients in West Virginia.

SB 602 has charged the Board of Osteopathic Medicine with the collection of this fee.  All proceeds from the assessment will go directly to the West Virginia Board of Risk Management (BRIM) to satisfy the outstanding PICF liability.  The Board retains no portion of this fee and will bear the costs of implementing and maintaining the fee collection.


If you have any questions about the assessment, please contact the Board of Osteopathic Medicine at (304) 558-6095.

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