ࡱ> )` S,bjbj 4T{{S$X!X!X!X!D!T:N2!($"$"$"$"c#c#c#MMMMMMM$lOhQ^M+%_#c#+%+%M$"$";M_(_(_(+%.$"$"M_(+%M_(_(RIaL$"! /jGX!Y%buJM N0:NJ2R'R2R<aL2RaLXc#v#T_(-$Dq$c#c#c#MM (Rc#c#c#:N+%+%+%+%$!D!  WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE NEWSLETTER SPRING 2015 Please do not discard this publication!!!! This is the West Virginia Osteopathic Licensees lifeline to licensing questions and answers. Like everywhere else in medicine today, lots of changes have occurred regarding licensing for physicians and physician assistants. We urge you to visit our website,  HYPERLINK "http://www.wvbdosteo.org" www.wvbdosteo.org and click on Legislation to review all current rules regulating your medical license in 2015. The biggest change in 2014/15 is in relation to Physician Assistant licensing. As of June 6, 2014, a PA can apply for a license without having a working contract with a supervising physician. However, the PA cannot begin working until a Practice Agreement has been completed and signed by both the PA and the Physician; and signed as approved by the Board. The Practice Agreement now outlines what the PA can do under the supervision of what physician(s), including prescriptive authority. All Physician Assistants should complete a Practice Agreement even if your license is not scheduled for renewal in 2015. (Page 1) WV BOARD OF OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT LICENSES DUE TO EXPIRE MARCH 31, 2015 If you received a postcard with this newsletter, that means your license is up for renewal before March 31, 2015. No paper applications will be mailed. License renewals will be done online. Just follow the following steps for renewal: 1) From  HYPERLINK "http://www.wvbdosteo.org" www.wvbdosteo.org click on PA Renewals in left hand column; 2) Log in with either your last name, license number or last 4 digits of SSN; 3) Enter Submit and Continue. 4) Continue to review all fields of information and correct those fields needing to be changed/updated. After each page, you can select Save for Later and it will save your application and allow you to come back to it. If you are finished with the application, press Submit and Continue; 5) When answering the personal information questions, if you have a yes answer it will bring up a screen for you to type in your response; 6) Answer the State mandated child support questions; 7) The CME report allows you to link directly with the NCCPA to request your CME hours. If you submit a copy of your NCCPA CME certificate, we will keep them on file and you will never be contacted during a CME audit. Remember, if you also have prescriptive authority, you must document at least 10 hours of CME in Pharmacology topics within the 100 required hours. 8) Lastly you check a certification box which attests to the accuracy of your information. 9) The next screen is the payment screen for you to enter your credit card information. You will be given the opportunity to print your receipt at the conclusion of the form. 10) If you choose not to pay by credit card, you can mail a check for the $100 license renewal fee and, if submitting a Practice Agreement, the $100 fee for it all at the same time. 11) The items that are required before your application will be considered complete: a) Complete Listing of CMEs b) Performance Evaluation signed by both PA and Physician c) Current Copy of DEA (if have prescriptive authority) d) Answers to any Yes questions e) Proof of Board Approved CME on Pain Prescribing f) Application Fee IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CALL US BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION. (Page 2) DRUGS PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS ARE PROHIBITED FROM PRESCRIBING As of the printing of this newsletter the following classifications of drugs are not allowed to be prescribed by a Physician Assistant. 1) Schedules I and II; 2) Greater than a 72 hour supply of any drug listed under Schedule III; 3) Antineoplastics and Chemotherapeutic agents; 4) Radio-pharmaceuticals, general anesthetics and radiographic contrast materials. There is a bill being considered to allow Hydrocodone combination drugs be prescribed for a 72 hour supply. PLEASE CHECK WITH BOARD OFFICE FOLLOWING THE 2015 LEGISLATIVE SESSION TO SEE IF THIS BILL WAS PASSED. Legislative Rules will need to be written by the Board to make the bill enforceable. (Back Page Folded in Half)  LICENSING OF PAIN CLINICS The required licensing of Pain Management Clinics began July 1, 2014. Because this law has been in effect since 2012, there is no additional grace period for applying for licensure. If your practice meets the definition of a Pain Clinic, you MUST apply with OHFLAC through WV Department of Human and Health Services for a license to continue their current practice of medicine in the State. The contact person at OHFLAC is Sylvia Fields, Program Manager (304) 558-0050. If you meet the requirements but do not apply for a license, OHFLAC will report that to the WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine and the Board will open a complaint. If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements, contact the Board Office or OHFLAC. Pain Clinic Definition: Privately owned clinic, facility or office wherein the total number of chronic pain patients treated during any 1 month who receive tramadol, opioids, carisoprodol, or other Schedule II or III controlled substances equals greater than 50%. Included in SB 437 passed by the 2012 Legislature and signed by the Governor was the development of a Review Committee who receives reports from the State Medical Examiner regarding overdose deaths. This committee of healthcare professionals, including an osteopathic physician, will make determinations on a case-by-case basis of unusual prescribing practices and report their findings to the practitioners licensing board and to law enforcement.  WEST VIRGINIA REMAINS #1 IN PRESCRIPTION DRUG-RELATED OVERDOSE DEATHS (Page 3) BEST PRACTICE PRESCRIBING OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES AND DRUG DIVERSION TRAINING VERIFICATION FORM 2013 - 2015 LICENSING PERIOD Please complete the following information and return to the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine NAME: _________________________________________SUFFIX: ___________ D.O. or PA-C ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________ Street or P O Box _________________________________________________________ City State Zip Code LICENSE NUMBER: _______________________________________________ DECLARATION: I have completed the board-approved drug diversion and best practice prescribing course on ___________________ Date sponsored by _____________________________________ CME Sponsor for the 2013-2015 renewal period. Copy of CME Certificate attached. Licensees Signature: ________________________________________________ Date Signed: ________________________________________________ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PHYSICIAN LICENSE RENEWALS TO BEGIN MAY 1, 2015 If you received a postcard with this newsletter, that means your license is up for renewal before June 30, 2015. By this time, every licensee should have used our online application service and should be aware that no paper application will be mailed. The postcard is your only notice. Beginning May 1, 2015, you can go online and complete your renewal application. Things to remember while completing your application: 1) Check all pre-populated fields to make sure the information is correct. Once you electronically sign the application, you are attesting to ALL the information contained therein; 2) Have you current DEA certificate online and ready to upload with your application. This alleviates you having to fax it to the Board Office; 3) When you complete your license renewal application, dont forget to complete you CSL (Controlled Substance License) at the same time. The system will remind you, so follow its instructions; 4) Have at least 32 hours of CME ready to be entered into your application OR upload your AOA CME report for the July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015 licensing period. Be sure to include your 3 hours of BOARD-APPROVED CME on Best Practice Prescribing and Drug Diversion. The only way to be sure the program has been approved by the Board is to go to our website and look under Upcoming Events. If it is listed there It has been approved. Disciplinary Actions Taken by the Board Since November 2014 Philip Fisher, D.O. 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