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(AOA) AOA Presentation: Dr. Walker and Ms. Richards were invited to speak to the Board on the issue of AOA required internship for licensing or an option for 40 hours of Category 1A, AOA CME with at least 10 hours in OMT. Dr. Walker reported that West Virginia is one of three states still requiring an AOA internship for licensure now that the AOA and ACGME have begun the transition of AOA/ACGME accredited residency programs. West Virginia is the only state that requires AOA, CME prior to licensure if an AOA internship has not been approved through Resolution 42. This is becoming a disadvantage for osteopathic licensure in West Virginia. Minutes: The minutes of the January 15, 2019 Board meeting were presented. A revision was made to note the recusal of Dr. Thymius on the revision to the Consent Order for John Tabit, D.O. The minutes were approved as revised. (Adams/Thymius) Reports: Licensed Physicians as of May 10, 2019: 1335 Total Physicians: 1017 - In state 318 - Out of state 36 Newly Licensed Physicians Since Last Meeting 94 1st Year Educational Permits (from 7/1/18 thru 6/30/19): 5 - PGY 1 at Access Health 12 PGY 1 at Bluefield Regional 4 PGY 1 at Camden Clark 20 PGY 1 at CAMC 8 PGY 1 at Greenbrier Valley 14- PGY 1 at Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - PGY 1 from Marietta Memorial 0 - PGY 1 from Millcreek Community Hospital 2 - PGY 1 at Mon General/Cornerstone 10 PGY 1 at Ohio Valley Medical Center 2 PGY 1 at United Hospital Center 1 PGY 1 at Wheeling Hospital 16 PGY 1 at WVU 133 Educational Permit Renewals (from 7/1/18 thru 6/30/19): 3 - Access Health 7 Bluefield Regional 1 - Camden Clark 46 CAMC 8 Greenbrier Valley 21 Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - Marietta Memorial Hospital 0 Millcreek Community Hospital 8 Mon General/Cornerstone 18 - Ohio Valley Medical Center 6 - United Hospital Center 4 Wheeling Hospital 11 - WVU 236 Physician Assistants 203 - Prescriptive Writing Privileges 38 - DOs supervise 2 PAs 12 - DOs supervise 3 PAs 5 - DOs supervise 4 PAs 2 - DOs supervise 5+ PAs 14 Physician Assistants Licensed Without Supervising Physicians 56 Corporations 57 PLLCs Balance in State Depository Account as of 4/30/2019: $209,381.63 Beginning Balance as of 7/01/2018: $404,111.72 Total Receipts as of 4/30/2019: $556,691.47 Total Disbursements as of 4/30/2019: $347,309.84 Fines Deposited in State Treasury as of 12/31/2018: $ 16,000.00 Purchasing Card Report Purchases for December 2018 January 2019 Monthly Line Item Statements January 2019 through April 2019 OLD BUSINESS: Monthly/Quarterly Practitioner Reports: Brandon Cestaric, D.O. Chad Poage, D.O. Jeffery DeBord, D.O. Michael Richmond, D.O. Robert Hogan, D.O. Lucy Shamblin, D.O. Jeffrey Mullin, D.O. Jason Smith, D.O. Jeffrey Murillo, D.O. Craig Swann, D.O. Freddie Persinger, D.O. Carlos Valladares, D.O. All monthly/quarterly reports documented 100% compliance. Reports From Supervising Physicians: Reports were received from the Supervising Physicians for Jane Kelley-Tallman, D.O., Brian McDevitt, D.O., John Tabit, D.O. and Jessica (Irvine) Wickline, D.O. as required in their Consent Orders and reported in compliance. -2- NEW BUSINESS: Executive Director Report: 1) 2018 CME Audit Results: The results of the 2018 CME Audit was presented. A 10% audit of the 475 license renewals reflected a 96% compliance rate. One physician did not have documentation of the required 16 AOA hours and a second physician did not respond to the audit at all. No motion made to open complaints. 2) Board Funds Misdirected to BRIM: A transfer of Board funds through the wrong interface between the licensing database software vendor and the WV State Treasurers Office has resulted in an overpayment to BRIM of $47,400. Several meetings were held with all transactions from March 2017 being reviewed to determine the final figure to be reimbursed to the Board. The Executive Director hopes to have the funds re-directed to the Boards account before the end of this fiscal year. Legislative Issues: 1) AOA Internship Requirement: The West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine will continue to review this issue and will work with the West Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association if regulatory changes are required prior to the full implementation of the AOA/ACGME transition in 2020. 2) SB668 and Required Changes to PA Statute: The Boards Legal Counsel is working with the West Virginia Board of Medicine in drafting legislative rule changes with the passing of SB 668. If the collaborating physician or the physician assistant has been credentialed by a hospital or ambulatory surgical facility as a condition of employment and the scope of practice has been reviewed and approved by the governing body of the health care facility or the ambulatory surgical facility, that contract can replace the Practice Agreement. 3) SB199 Requires Revisions to 24 CSR 01: Legal Counsel has already submitted legislative rule changes for 24 CSR 01 to delete patient testimonials from the list of possible disciplinary actions in advertising. 4) SB396 Requiring No Application Fee for Low Income Applicants: Board Counsel is working on rules to establish a process by which low income determinations can be made for osteopathic applicants. Updates were also provided on additional medical legislation that was approved or vetoed by the Governor in 2019. The Board recessed from 10:30 AM until 10:40 AM. The Board moved into Executive Session at 10:40 AM with the Executive Director and Board Counsel present. (Rowe/Thymius) The Board moved back into Public Session at 11:15 AM. (Adams/Thymius) REPORT FROM THE COMPLAINT COMMITTEE: Recommend Dismissals: 2019-02; 2019-01; 2018-16; 2018-31; 2019-04; 2019-03; 2018-29; 2018-25 Recommend Dismissal with Letter of Concern: 2018-32; 2018-28; 2018-27 Possible New Complaints: 1) Third relapse reported by WVMPHP as voluntary participant #2019-08 2) Information received from CVS Pharmacist regarding prescribing practices: #2019-09 3) WV Licensee with disciplinary actions taken in CA - PA MD NC #2019-13 -3- Following the report of the April 15, 2019 Complaint Committee, the following committee recommendations were made and approved by the Board: A) Complaints for Dismissal: 2019-02; 2019-01; 2018-16; 2018-31; 2019-04; 2019-03; 2018-29 and 2018-25. (Adams/Jones) B) Dismissals & Letters of Concern: 2018-28 and 2018-27 (Adams/Thymius) C) Additional Committee Review: 2018-32 (Records forwarded to Complaint Committee Chair) D) New Complaints Issued: 2019-08; 2019-09 and 2019-13 Malpractice Reports: Six (6) malpractice reports were reviewed with no further action required. CSMP Outliers: Two notifications on the same two osteopathic physicians were received from the Controlled Substance Monitoring Program in December 2018 and again in April 2019. Before opening a complaint, the Board requested information from each physician on the nature of their practices and prescribing patterns. Upon receipt of each physicians response, the Board made no further recommendations and the physicians will be forwarded a letter advising them of no action taken. Vinson DiSanto, D.O.: Dr. DiSanto self-reported a $2,000 fine and 30 day suspension of his license taken against him by the Michigan Medical Board for not responding to a request for additional information on the action taken against his license in Idaho. Steve Cheche, D.O.: Requested a change in the Consent Order offered by the Board at their January 2019 meeting. No change was recommended by the Board. Reports From Supervising Reports were received on the following physicians as required by their Physicians Via Order: Consent Orders. All were in compliance. Jane Kelley-Tallman, D.O. Brian McDevitt, D.O. John Tabit, D.O. A Plan of Treatment was also provided per Consent Order for: Jessica Irvine Wickline, D.O. Kenneth Onuorah, D.O.: After meeting with Dr. Onuorah, a motion was made to request documentation of his communication skills from his first residency program. The motion died for lack of a second. The Board Staff was requested to request an in depth report on his performance within his current residency program. If nothing negative is reported, the Board Staff is authorized to license Dr. Onuorah as having met all qualifications for licensure. NEXT BOARD MEETING: The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will be held at The Greenbrier in conjunction with the WVOMA Annual Meeting. A meeting will be called following the license renewal period if if there are licensing issues that require immediate attention. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM. (Muscari/Rowe) Respectfully submitted,  SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT  Sharon Rowe, Secretary  +ABHNOPRSXƽ{rir`WNEWh~9OJQJ\h0OJQJ\hS33OJQJ\h#OJQJ\h=OJQJ\h 9OJQJ\heOJQJ\hhi7OJQJ\hwOJQJ\hh!OJQJ\hh YOJQJ\hh^jOJQJ\h>4_OJQJ\hVOJQJ\h 95OJQJhw5OJQJh Y5OJQJh!5OJQJh3?h Y5OJQJ,BOPQR R  ; - S w x 0^`0gd? 0^`0gdd% 0^`0$a$  ! 1 9 ; Q R n p q  ɽvmvmvdXLChOJQJ\hh3?OJQJ\hhS33OJQJ\hS33OJQJ\h#OJQJ\h 9OJQJ\hh@5OJQJ\hd%5OJQJ\hh3?5OJQJ\hh Y5OJQJ\hi7OJQJ\hhi7OJQJ\hwOJQJ\hoOJQJ\htOJQJ\hd%OJQJ\h0OJQJ\hgaOJQJ\   0 2 3 : ; b o & 0 R Y v w y T ´֢͇͇͇֫֙~se\~h>4_OJQJ\h>4_h>4_5OJQJ\h>4_5OJQJ\hS OJQJ\h 9OJQJ\hpSOJQJ\h\OJQJ\hs1OJQJ\h~9OJQJ\hwh?5OJQJ\hw5OJQJ\hwOJQJ\h?OJQJ\h#OJQJ\h 9h#5OJQJ\h eOJQJ\ T  -L_wxAd~ ^`gd<<^gd<<gd<< ^`gd)2gd3?^gdd% 0^`0gdN% 0^`0gd?T  /067>?DMǾ{peZNBhhCJ\aJhM|h$OJQJ\h5OJQJ\ho}5OJQJ\hw5OJQJ\hR25OJQJ\hwa5OJQJ\h~9OJQJ\hd%OJQJ\htOJQJ\h/a)OJQJ\hOJQJ\hwOJQJ\hh3?OJQJ\hh5OJQJ\hhOJQJ\hS OJQJ\h,}qOJQJ\%+,-35FGKLOS_agx{~ƾƠƠ|ƠtƠld\dƠh[CJaJh^CJaJh<3CJaJh#CJaJhw^CJaJhVCJaJhCJaJhh<<>*CJaJhh<<CJaJhh3?CJaJhbvCJaJh 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