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Dr. Jeffrey Carter, FSMB Lisa Robin, FSMB James Hischar, DEA Ernest Miller, D.O. (Past President) Minutes: The minutes of the September 20, 2018 Board meeting were presented and approved. (Adams/Rowe) Reports: Licensed Physicians as of October 29, 2018: 1277 Total Physicians: 989 - In state 288 - Out of state 5 Newly Licensed Physicians Since Last Meeting 91 1st Year Educational Permits (from 7/1/18 thru 6/30/19): 5 - PGY 1 at Access Health 10 PGY 1 at Bluefield Regional 4 PGY 1 at Camden Clark 20 PGY 1 at CAMC 8 PGY 1 at Greenbrier Valley 13- PGY 1 at Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - PGY 1 from Marietta Memorial 0 - PGY 1 from Millcreek Community Hospital 2 - PGY 1 at Mon General/Cornerstone 10 PGY 1 at Ohio Valley Medical Center 2 PGY 1 at United Hospital Center 1 PGY 1 at Wheeling Hospital 61 PGY 1 at WVU 133 Educational Permit Renewals (from 7/1/18 thru 6/30/19): 3 - Access Health 7 Bluefield Regional 1 - Camden Clark 46 CAMC 8 Greenbrier Valley 21 Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - Marietta Memorial Hospital 0 Millcreek Community Hospital 8 Mon General/Cornerstone 18 - Ohio Valley Medical Center 6 - United Hospital Center 4 Wheeling Hospital 11 - WVU -2- 259 Physician Assistants 231 - Prescriptive Writing Privileges 38 - DOs supervise 2 PAs 11 - DOs supervise 3 PAs 8 - DOs supervise 4 PAs 3 - DOs supervise 5+ PAs 6 Physician Assistants Licensed Without Supervising Physicians 53 Corporations 55 PLLCs Balance in State Depository Account as of 9/30/2018: $347,979.21 Beginning Balance as of 7/01/2018: $404,111.72 Total Receipts as of 9/30/2018: $373,581.77 Total Disbursements as of 9/30/2018: $443,848.32 Fines Deposited in State Treasury as of 9/30/2018: $4,500.00 Purchasing Card Report Purchases for September 2018 Monthly Line Item Statements September 2018 OLD BUSINESS: Monthly/Quarterly Practitioner Reports: Steven Craft, D.O. Freddie Persinger, D.O. Jeffrey DeBord, D.O. Chad Poage, D.O. Robert Fanning, D.O. Lucy Shamblin, D.O. Robert Hogan, D.O. Michael Richmond, D.O. Jeffrey Mullen, D.O. Lucy Shamblin, D.O. Jeffrey Murillo, D.O. Craig Swann, D.O. Patrick ODonnell, D.O. Jason Smith, D.O. (Wm. Webb, Ph.D.) Carlos Valladares, D.O. NEW BUSINESS: Executive Director Report: 1) Ad Hoc Committee/Regulatory Issues: The WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine and the West Virginia Board of Medicine would like to establish an Ad Hoc Committee to review possible regulatory issues for 2019. Vice President Whitler appointed Jimmy Adams, D.O. and Diana Shepard, Executive Director to represent WVBOOM at committee meetings. 2) Review of Need for Interview Process: The Board had requested a review be conducted on the number of clean applications that have come before the Board for interview to determine if a face-to-face interview should still be required. No change in the current process can be made without a review of the legislative requirement. The new President will appoint a sub-committee to review that process with a report back to the Board at their January meeting. (Adams/Muscari) 3) FSMB Committee/Workgroup Participation: The Executive Director provided links to the FSMB website for Board Member Fellows to express interest in serving on committees and/or workgroups in 2019. 4) 2018 Auditors Conference: Every board member is required to attend at least one Auditors Conference during their five year term. The 2018 conference will be held at the Charleston Marriott on November 27, 2018. Board members were advised to notify the Board Office by November 16, 2018, if they plan to attend this years conference. A registration fee of $100 is required to cover lunch and breaks. -3- Recognition of Ernest Miller, D.O.: Dr. Miller was invited to the meeting so that the Board could acknowledge his 20 years of service to the WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine as Vice President and President. A plaque was presented to Dr. Miller with the Boards sincere appreciation for his many years of service to the Osteopathic profession and most certainly to the Board. FSMB Presentation: Dr. Jeffrey Carter and Lisa Robin from the Federation of State Medical Boards provided an update on the FSMB and the programs/resources available to all state medical boards. Dr. Carter shared the work done by the FSMB on re-entry policies and guidelines. The information was very helpful to the Board in preparing their own re-entry policy The Board moved into Executive Session at 11:30 AM with the Executive Director and Board Counsel present. (Muscari/Thymius) The Board moved back into Public Session at 12:05 PM. (Adams/Thymius) REPORT FROM THE COMPLAINT COMMITTEE: Recommend for Dismissal: 2018-21 and 2018-22 Recommend for Dismissal 2018-24 with Letter of Concern: Recommend Consent 2018-12 Order: Recommend Appearance at 2018-20 November Board Meeting: New Complaints: 2018 -26; 2018-27; 2018-28; 2018-29 Following the report of the October Complaint Committee, a motion was made and passed, unanimously, to accept all recommended actions of the Complaint Committee., with the exception of 2018-26. No complaint should be filed based on the evidence provided. Since the physician with Complaint 2018-20 did not appear at the November meeting (on vacation) he will be asked to attend the January 2019 meeting. (Thymius/Rowe) NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: Sharon Rowe, Nominating Committee Chair, asked Michael Muscari, D.O. to present the slate of officers for 2019: President: Robert Whitler Vice President: Jimmy Adams, D.O. Secretary: Sharon Rowe With no further nominations from the floor, a motion was made to close the nominations. (Adams/Tanner) Motion was made and unanimously passed to accept the slate of officers as presented by the Nominating Committee. (Tanner/Thymius) -4- Complaint Committee members appointed by the new President, Mr. Whitler included: Jimmy Adams, D.O., Chair Andy Tanner, D.O., Physician Member Heather Jones, PA-C, PA Member NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Board will be held on January 25, 2019 at The Embassy Suites, in conjunction with the WVSOM Mid-Winter meeting. Time to be determined once the agenda for the Mid-Winter meeting has been released. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM. (Muscari/Adams) Respectfully submitted,  Sharon Rowe, Public Member Secretary  +ABLRSTUV[    1 2 3 ƽ{ri`WNNEWhgaOJQJ\hS33OJQJ\h0OJQJ\h&:OJQJ\hpSOJQJ\hR2OJQJ\hhi7OJQJ\h~9OJQJ\hOJQJ\hh!OJQJ\hh YOJQJ\hh^jOJQJ\h0\FOJQJ\hVOJQJ\hpS5OJQJh5OJQJh Y5OJQJh!5OJQJh3?h Y5OJQJ,BSTU  d e - Z  S n 0^`0gdN% 0^`0gd? 0^`0gdd% 0^`0$a$3 9 ; ? B _ b c d e f v ~ , - . W vmdXLChOJQJ\hh3?OJQJ\hhS33OJQJ\hS33OJQJ\h?OJQJ\hh@5OJQJ\hd%5OJQJ\hh3?5OJQJ\hh Y5OJQJ\hi7OJQJ\hhi7OJQJ\h~9OJQJ\h#OJQJ\h&:OJQJ\hoOJQJ\h0OJQJ\htOJQJ\hd%OJQJ\W Y Z f l q y  * + - . = R S    Ĺ֙֐֐ć~rdXrXĢhh3?OJQJ\hh5OJQJ\hhOJQJ\h]OJQJ\h0OJQJ\hw5OJQJ\h~9OJQJ\h#OJQJ\h&:h#5OJQJ\h&:5OJQJ\h&:OJQJ\hoOJQJ\h?OJQJ\hS33OJQJ\h eht5OJQJ\h eOJQJ\  & ' . 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