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(Adams/Thymius) Reports: Licensed Physicians as of September 6, 2018: 1261 Total Physicians: 984 - In state 277 - Out of state 61 Newly Licensed Physicians Since Last Meeting 91 1st Year Educational Permits (from 7/1/18 thru 6/30/19): 5 - PGY 1 at Access Health 10 PGY 1 at Bluefield Regional 4 PGY 1 at Camden Clark 20 PGY 1 at CAMC 8 PGY 1 at Greenbrier Valley 13- PGY 1 at Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - PGY 1 from Marietta Memorial 0 - PGY 1 from Millcreek Community Hospital 2 - PGY 1 at Mon General/Cornerstone 10 PGY 1 at Ohio Valley Medical Center 2 PGY 1 at United Hospital Center 1 PGY 1 at Wheeling Hospital 61 PGY 1 at WVU 133 Educational Permit Renewals (from 7/1/18 thru 6/30/19): 3 - Access Health 7 Bluefield Regional 1 - Camden Clark 46 CAMC 8 Greenbrier Valley 21 Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - Marietta Memorial Hospital 0 Millcreek Community Hospital 8 Mon General/Cornerstone 18 - Ohio Valley Medical Center 6 - United Hospital Center 4 Wheeling Hospital 11 - WVU -2- 254 Physician Assistants 226 - Prescriptive Writing Privileges 31 - DOs supervise 2 PAs 12 - DOs supervise 3 PAs 7 - DOs supervise 4 PAs 2 - DOs supervise 5+ PAs 2 Physician Assistants Licensed Without Supervising Physicians A question was raised regarding the number of PAs vs. number with prescriptive privileges on the report in members packet. The two numbers were reported incorrectly. The number of PAs was 254 with 226 maintaining prescriptive privileges. The numbers were inverted in the report provided to board members. 52 Corporations 54 PLLCs Balance in State Depository Account as of 8/31/2018: $371,726.77 Beginning Balance as of 7/01/2018: $404,111.72 Total Receipts as of 8/31/2018: $407,313.63 Total Disbursements as of 8/31/2018: $441,993.32 Fines Deposited in State Treasury as of 8/31/2018: $ 2000.00 Purchasing Card Report Purchases for April August 2018 Monthly Line Item Statements April 2018 through August 2018 OLD BUSINESS: Monthly/Quarterly Practitioner Reports: Brandon Cestaric, D.O. Freddie Persinger, D.O. Steven Craft, D.O. Chad Poage, D.O. Jeffery DeBord, D.O. Michael Richmond, D.O. Robert Fanning, D.O. Lucy Shamblin, D.O. Robert Hogan, D.O. Jason Smith, D.O. (William Webb, Ph.D.) Jeffrey Mullin, D.O. Craig Swann, D.O. Jeffrey Murillo, D.O. Carlos Valladares, D.O. Patrick ODonnell, D.O. Brittanie West, D.O. a) WVMPHP Bi-Annual Statistical Summary b) WVMPHP Contract Renewal Following review of the proposed revisions to the 2019 WVMPHP contract, motion was made and unanimously approved to continue the Board contract with WVMPHP as revised. (Rowe/Adams) NEW BUSINESS: Executive Director Report: 1) Annual Board Policy Reviews: The Board reviewed the following policies: Confidentiality Policy Privacy Policy Safety Policy/Sexual Harassment Policy An old copy of the Sexual Harassment Policy was inadvertently placed in the notebooks with recommendations for revisions. However, the Sexual Harassment Policy was revised in 2017 and was also in the packet. All policies were approved as presented. (Adams/Thymius) 2) Practitioner Diversion Awareness Conference: The DEA is sponsoring a prescribing Conference in Charleston, WV on September 29 and 30, 2018. This is a national program the DEA is presenting across the U.S. The DEA did not want to submit it for Board approval for the 3 hour CME pain prescribing credits. 3) FSMB Board Attorney Workshop: The Board Attorney Workshop sponsored by FSMB is being held in Austin, TX on November 8-9, 2018. The board approved the Board Counsel, Jonathan Osborne, to attend the conference. (Thymius/Adams) -3- 4) Proposed Legislation from ALEC on Licensing: The American Legislative Exchange Council has developed legislation regarding professional licensing which may be introduced in Congress. It provides that business owners, entrepreneurs, and workers in professions otherwise licensed by the State, may operate without a license if they disclose that fact to prospective consumers. Board will continue to monitor. 5) Steptoe & Johnson Request for Board Opinion: The Board received a request from Steptoe & Johnson, Attorneys at Law, for an opinion regarding the permissibility of a non-physician owner of a primary care practice that will employ a physician to provide only collaborative duties to PAs and APRNs who will be seeing the patients. The Executive Director was requested to respond to the firm, confirming the Boards approval of the collaborative relationship as long as the requirements listed in 24-2-10.5a 5d of the Physician Assistant Legislative Rule and 24-4-1for the establishment of Osteopathic corporations are followed. (Jones/Muscari) 6) Appointment of Nominations Committee: At the direction of the Vice President, the following appointments were made to the 2018 Nominations Committee: Sharon Rowe: Chair Heather Jones, PA-C Michael Muscari, D.O. The committee will prepare a slate of new officers to be voted upon at the November meeting in White Sulphur Springs. 7) The Executive Director notified the Board of the discontinuance of support of DropBox by the WV Office of Technology. Replacement of this program may require the Board Office to become part of the Executive Domain of the States system. Ms. Shepard will keep the Board apprised of the status. The Board moved into Executive Session at 11:30 AM with the Executive Director and Board Counsel present. (Muscari/Thymius) The Board moved back into Public Session at 12:35 PM. (Adams/Thymius) REPORT FROM THE COMPLAINT COMMITTEE: Recommend for Dismissal: 2018-01; 2018-04; 2018-10; 2018-14; 2018-05; 2018-06; 2018-13 Recommend Findings of 2018-02 Probable Cause with Consent Order: Recommend Appearance at 2018-12 September Board Meeting: Recommend Consent Order: 2018-09 and 2018-11 New Complaints: 2018-15; 2018-16; 2018-17; 2018-18 and 2018-19 Following the report of the July Complaint Committee, the following actions were voted on and approved by the full Board: -4- A) Complaints for Dismissal: 2018-01; 2018-04; 2018-10; 2018-14; 2018-05; 2018-06 and 2018-13 (Muscari/Thymius) B) Complaint With Finding of Probable Cause and Consent 2018-02 (Rowe/Muscari) Order: C) Recommended Appearance With 2018-12 (Rowe/Tanner) Handwriting Analysis: D) Recommended Consent Orders: 2018-09 and 2018-11 (Rowe/Thymius) E) New Complaints: 2018-15; 2018-16; 2018-17; 2018-18 and 2018-19 (Rowe/Thymius) Malpractice Reports: Nine (9) malpractice reports were reviewed with one new complaint issued, 2018-16, for multiple malpractice settlements within one month period. Brian McDevitt, D.O.: As per his Consent Order 2009-19, Dr. McDevitt submitted a contract for supervision with Andrew E. Landis, MD in Beckley, West Virginia. The contract met all supervisory requirements in the Consent Order and the contract with Dr. Landis was approved. Heather Jones, PA-C recused herself from voting. (Muscari/Rowe) Jason Smith, D.O.: While under Consent Order, Dr. Smith breached that order by having his employment terminated. He came before the Board and acknowledged the termination but stated it had nothing to do with the reason for his Consent Order. Motion was made to negotiate a new Consent Order including treatment for boundary issues. (Adams/Thymius) Andy Tanner, D.O. recused himself from voting as a Residency Director for the licensee and Robert Whitler recused himself from voting as he sits on the Finance Committee for FamilyCare Center and is employed by CAMC. Elizabeth Wang, D.O.: Dr. Wang submitted a request to terminate her Consent Order. Her reports from Bluefield Regional Residency Program have been excellent. The Board approved the termination of her Consent Order. (Adams/Muscari) Eli Levin, D.O.: As requested by the Board, Dr. Levin enrolled in and passed the Comvex and his application for licensure is complete. A motion was made and unanimously passed to issue a restricted license to Dr. Levin requiring physician supervision, approved by the Board, for at least one year with quarterly reports received from the supervising physician. (Adams/Muscari) Steven Craft, D.O.: A final report from the physicians treating Psychiatrist has not been received. The Board requested Dr. Crafts attendance at the next meeting to discuss this matter. (Adams/Thymius) NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Board will be held on November 2, 2018, at 9:00 AM at The Greenbrier, in conjunction with the WVOMA annual meeting. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM. (Muscari/Adams) Respectfully submitted,  Jimmy W. Adams, D. O. 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