ࡱ>  o1bjbj 4lhho)     d|F8EEEEEEE$GfJ!F    !F  6FCCC   EC ECCnk4c7wmD)s5 ELF0|F5KK@c7K c7hQJC<6!F!F-|F    K : WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Board Meeting Minutes September 15, 2016 The West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine met on Thursday, September 15, 2016, in the fourth floor conference room at the Boards Charleston office at 10:00 AM. President, Ernest Miller, D.O., called the business meeting to order at 10:05 AM. Members Present: Staff Members Present: Ernest Miller, Jr., D.O. President Jonathan Osborne, Esq. Board Counsel Arthur Rubin, D.O. - Secretary Diana Shepard, CMBE Executive Director Robert Whitler, Vice President/Citizen Member Michael Muscari, D.O. Physician Member Attendees: Jimmy Adams, D.O. Physician Member Perry Oxley, Esq., Anspach Law Heather Jones, PA-C - Physician Assistant Member L.R. Sammons, Esq., Anspach Law Sharon Rowe - Citizen Member Minutes: The minutes of the July 14, 2016 Board meeting were presented for approval. The minutes were approved as presented. (Whitler/Adams) Reports: Licensed Physicians as of September 6, 2016: 1240 Total Physicians: 962 - In state 278 - Out of state 14 Newly Licensed Physicians Since Last Meeting 84 1st Year Educational Permits (from 7/1/16 thru 6/30/17): 2 - PGY 1 at Access Health 5 PGY 1 at Bluefield Regional 7 PGY 1 at Camden Clark 21 PGY 1 at CAMC 9 PGY 1 at Greenbrier Valley 14- PGY 1 at Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - PGY 1 from Marietta Memorial 2- PGY 1 from Millcreek Community Hospital 4 - PGY 1 at Mon General/Cornerstone 9 PGY 1 at Ohio Valley Medical Center 2 PGY 1 at United Hospital Center 2 PGY 1 at Wheeling Hospital 7 PGY 1 at WVU 98 Educational Permit Renewals (from 7/1/16 thru 6/30/17): 0 - Access Health 13 Bluefield Regional 11 Camden Clark 36 CAMC 2 Greenbrier Valley 11 Marshall University (Cabell/Huntington) 0 - Marietta Memorial Hospital 1 Millcreek Community Hospital 3 Mon General/Cornerstone 13 - Ohio Valley Medical Center 5 - United Hospital Center 1 Wheeling Hospital 2 - WVU 232 Physician Assistants 177 - Prescriptive Writing Privileges 34 - DOs supervise 2 PAs 13 - DOs supervise 3 PAs 3 - DOs supervise 4 PAs 2 - DOs supervise 5+ PAs 5 Physician Assistants Licensed Without Supervising Physicians 54 Corporations 69 PLLCs Balance in State Depository Account as of 8/30/2016: $452,700.86 Beginning Balance as of 08/01/16: $462,565.50 Total Receipts as of 8/30/2016: $ 53,464.50 Total Disbursements as of 8/30/2016: $ 76,038.88 Fines Deposited in State Treasury as of 8/30/2016: $5,000.00 Purchasing Card Report Purchases for June through July 2016 Monthly Line Item Statements July through August 2016 OLD BUSINESS: Monthly/Quarterly Practitioner Reports: Steven Craft, D.O.: Under Consent Order to provide quarterly reports from treating Psychiatrist. In compliance. Jeffrey Murillo, D.O.: Voluntary participant until relapse. Consent Order being negotiated. Michael Richmond, D.O. WVMPHP reports Dr. Richmond remains in full compliance with his CRCA. Terry Thomas, D.O. WVMPHP reports full compliance with last quarterly reporting period. Also received updated DEA MOA Statistical and Activities Reports were provided by WVMPHP. NEW BUSINESS: Executive Director Report: 1) Board Welcomes New Legal Counsel: Jonathan Osborne, Esquire, has been assigned to the WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine following the reassignment requested by Jennifer Akers, Esquire. Jonathan was introduced and provided a brief summary of his education and experience. 2) FSMB Board Attorney Workshop: The 2016 Board Attorney Workshop, sponsored by the Federation of State Medical Boards, will be held in Albuquerque, NM in November. Board approved Mr. Osborne to attend. (Rubin/Adams) 3) US Surgeon General Letter: The Board Office received a letter from the US Surgeon General requesting all medical licensees participation in the fight against opioid addiction by signing a pledge to turn the tide on this crisis. The Board recommended the letter be posted on the Boards website for individual consideration. 4) Policy Reviews: The following policies were reviewed by the Board: a) Safety Policy b) Sexual Harassment Policy c) Confidentiality Policy -2- The following revisions were made to the Confidentiality Policy: (Rubin/Whitler) Paragraph 2 item 1) was revised to read as follows: Non-public information about licensees of the Board, such as personal addresses, telephone numbers and other personal data; It was also requested that when providing case information to contracted providers for medical review of complaint cases, a Confidentiality Statement should be completed by the reviewer. : (Rubin/Whitler) 5) Update on Criminal Background Checks: A new, dedicated computer has been purchased through grant funds provided from the FSMB Foundation Grant for implementation of Interstate Medical Licensure. The application for participation has been approved by the FBI and the Board Staff is waiting for a training session from the WV State Police on the filing process. All Board Staff will be required to undergo a criminal background check as any of the staff in the office could have access to the report information by virtue of their employment responsibilities. LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: 1) Proposed Rule Changes to 24 CSR 01: Revisions recommended at the July 14th meeting for clean ups and elimination of temporary licenses and licensing by reciprocity cannot be requested without opening the Code. The Board opted not to recommend any Code changes in 2017 and decided to concentrate on the procedural issues raised by the 2016 Legislative Session. 24 CSR 01 has been filed for public comment and approved by the WV Secretary of State. Additional grammatical changes have been recommended by Legal Counsel for the Legislative Rules Committee. Motion was made to accept the revisions as discussed and unanimously approved. (Rubin/Whitler) 4) Proposed Rule Changes to 24 CSR 02: This rule has been submitted for public comment and approved by the Secretary of State. Additional grammatical changes have been recommended by Legal Counsel for the Legislative Rules Committee. Another revision was discussed under 24-2-10.7 as follows: A patient being treated for a chronic, degenerative, or disabling condition, shall be seen by the supervising physician as frequently as the patients condition requires. Motion was made to accept all revisions as discussed and unanimously approved (Rubin/Adams) The Board moved into Executive Session at 10:55 AM with the Executive Director and Board Counsel present. Also in attendance for discussion only of Complaint 2014-16 was Perry Oxley and L.R. Sammons of Anspach Law Office. (Whitler/Rubin) Motion was made to move back into Public Session at 12:00 PM. (Adams/Muscari) -3- REPORT FROM THE COMPLAINT COMMITTEE: Cases Reviewed By Complaint Committee on August 16, 2016: Reviewed: 2016-12; 2016-16; 2016-10; 2016-09; 2016-08; 2016-11; 2015-29 2016-13; 2015-26; 2016-18; 2016-19; 2016-20; 2015-38; 2015-21; 2016-02; 2016-17 and 2016-15. Recommend for Dismissal: 2016-12 and 2016-16 Recommended Consent Orders: 2016-11 and 2015-29 Recommended Reprimands/Fines: 2016-13 and 2015-26 Referred to Full Board: 2016-10; 2016-09 (CAMC employed physicians) 2016-08 (After receiving Medical Examiners Report) New Complaints: 2016-18; 2016-19 and 2016-20 Requesting Legal Review: 2015-38; 2015-21 and 2016-02 Status Reports Received: 2016-17 and 2016-15 Following the August report of the Complaint Committee and additional information received by the Board at todays meeting, the following actions were approved by the full Board: (Rubin/Adams) A) Complaints for Dismissal: 2016-12; 2016-16; 2016-08 and 2016-17 B) Complaints with Consents: 2016-11 and 2015-29 C) Complaints with Reprimands/ 2016-13; 2015-26 and 2016-15 Fines: D) New Complaints: 2016-18; 2016-19 and 2016-20 E) Requiring Legal Review: 2016-18; 2015-21 and 2016-02 With Dr. Rubin and Mr. Whitler abstaining, the Board recommended dismissal of Complaints 2016-10 and 2016-09. (Jones/Rowe) Malpractice Reports: Six (6) malpractice reports were received since the last board meeting. They were individually reviewed with one report requiring further investigation with the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine and then review by the Complaint Committee for possible fraudulent reporting on application for licensure. Bruce Gorby, D.O.: The Board received a letter from Dr. Gorby dated, August 19, 2016, requesting release from probation and participation in the WVMPHP as outlined in his Consent Order issued October 1, 2013. Dr. Gorby will be instructed to go through the Case Management Committee of the WVMPHP before requesting re-consideration of any Board orders. Michael Kostenko, D.O.: A letter was received by the Board on August 4, 2016 from Michael Kostenko, D.O. requesting reinstatement of his license to practice medicine. Dr. Kostenkos license was revoked on June 8, 2016 and Dr. Kostenko has filed an appeal, which has not yet been heard in court. Therefore, a letter of denial will be forwarded to Dr. Kostenko until the appeal process has been completed. John Pellegrini, D.O.: The Board reviewed the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommendations from the Hearing Examiner on Complaint 2012-38. The Board upheld the Examiners recommendation for revocation of license. (Rubin/Whitler) Roland Chalifoux, Jr., D.O.: At the request of Circuit Court Judge Charles King, a negotiated settlement has been offered by Dr. Chalifouxs counsel. The Board approved the payment of $39,500 in settlement of attorney fees for Complaint 2014-16. (Rubin/Whitler) NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine will be held on November 4, 2016, at The Greenbrier in conjunction with the annual WVOMA meeting. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM. (Rowe/Muscari) Respectfully submitted,  Arthur Rubin, D. O. Secretary  +ABNTUVWX]  ! 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