ࡱ> GIF)` bjbj ..{{.......BFFFF$j,B&}}}u&w&w&w&w&w&w&$'hT*&.a}}aa&..&a"..u&au& "..# @F""Y&&0&"++(#+.#}"}}}&&3}}}&aaaaBBB FBBBFBBB...... WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE Conference Call Board Meeting Minutes April 30, 2014 CORRECTED COPY The West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine held an emergency meeting via teleconference on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, at 3:30 PM. The meeting was called to order by President, Ernest Miller, D.O. and roll call was taken. Members Present: Staff Members Present: Ernie Miller, D.O. President Jennifer Akers, Esq. Board Attorney Robert Whitler Vice President Diana Shepard Executive Director Joseph Schreiber, D.O. Physician Member Michael Muscari, D.O. Physician Member Excused: Elizabeth Blatt, Ph.D. Public Member Arthur Rubin, D.O. Heather Jones, PA-C - PA Member The purpose for todays meeting is to review the proposed changes to 24 CSR 2, the legislative rules for Physician Assistants. This is necessary as changes were made to the WV Code regarding the licensing of Physician Assistants during the 2014 Legislative Session. Major procedural changes being recommended were as follows: 1) 24-2-7 Requiring a renewal fee plus fifty percent of the previous years renewal fee when reinstating a license within a year after it expired; 2) 24-2-10.5.d Requiring periodic, in person, review sessions with physician assistant and the supervising physician for the first six months following licensure and then, at a minimum, quarterly; 3) 24-2-10.7 A patient being treated regularly for a life-threatening, chronic, degenerative, or disabling condition, shall be seen by the supervising physician as frequently as the patients condition requires; 4) 24-2-10.10 A supervising physician may enter into practice agreements with up to five physician assistants at any one time. In a hospital employed relationship, such as an Emergency Department, a supervising physician can supervise up to five physician assistants per shift if a practice agreement is in place with that physician and each physician assistant; -2- 5) 24-2-12.1.a Under Delegation of Prescriptive Authority, a physician assistant can obtain prescriptive authority after completing 4 semester hours of pharmacology and after performing one year of clinical rotation. 6) 24-2-13 Physician Assistants will no longer be required to provide proof of 100 hours of CME. They can attest to the completion of the 100 hours at the time of renewal. They will be included in the CME audit with a 10% random sampling after each renewal period. 7) 24-2-15 Mental and Physician Examination is added as a potential requirement for licensure if the Board feels there is any circumstantial evidence to require it. 8) 24CSR5 The legislative rule dealing with Fees for Services Rendered by the Board will adjust the licensing fees for Physician Assistants to require $100 for license application, $100 for each practice agreement and $100 for practice agreement revisions. This does not add any additional costs to the Physician Assistant. It is a re-distribution of current fees to accommodate the new practice agreement/licensing structure. Motion was made and passed to accept the first seven changes to Legislative Rule, Series 2, for Osteopathic Physician Assistants. There were five yes votes and one no vote. (Jones/ Whitler) Motion was made and unanimously passed to re-allocate the fees for physician assistant licensure as explained in #8 above. (Muscari/Blatt) Complaint 2012-31: Chrisopher Edmands, D.O. entered into a Consent Agreement with the WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine on February 20, 2013. He received a fine, reprimand and a 12 month probation. Dr. Edmands has paid his fine, his reprimand has been reported to the NPDB and he has completed his 12 month probation. He has requested his probation be lifted. Motion made to lift the probation on Chrisopher Edmands, D.O. (Whitler/Blatt) -3- Motion to adjourn at 5:10 PM. (Muscari/Whitler) The next Board Meeting will be held the last week of June. An email will be forwarded to each member before the exact date is selected. Respectfully submitted, Diana Shepard, Executive Director for Arthur Rubin, D. 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